Data. Experience. Insight. Solutions.

PFC Energy is a global consulting firm specializing in the oil and gas industry.  Our clients are oil and gas operators, national oil companies, service companies, investors, governments and other stakeholders.   

What makes PFC Energy different?

  1. Energy specialists:  We have focused exclusively on the energy sector for 27 years.  Our professionals have first-hand experience in the sector.

  2. Proprietary knowledge base:  We maintain a large base of models, databases and other analytical material that covers all phases of the value chain and the assets and activities of all the key countries and companies.
  3. Independent, objective and transparent:  We tell you what we think and explain why.

PFC Energy helps clients make superior decisions in a complex and uncertain world.  We help answer such questions as:

  1. What will be the pattern of future supply and demand for crude, products, gas, LNG, alternatives?

  2. What are my competitors’ objectives, plans, and constraints?
  3. What are my strategic options, and how robust are they under different future scenarios?
  4. Where are the best opportunities, and what are the best entry strategies?
  5. What risks do I face in a new project or region?
  6. How will trends in vehicle efficiency affect the value of a refining asset?
  7. How will changes in government policy affect my company?
  8. How should I respond strategically to the growing importance of biofuels in the global energy mix?

We deliver our expertise through three channels:

  • Annual subscription services that provide analysis, models and data via a secure web site

  • Retainer arrangements that combine regular information briefings with frequent access to our experts
  • Consulting engagements tailored to specific client questions

PFC Energy is an independent partnership with over 150 professional staff working from offices in Washington, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Paris, Beijing and Singapore.